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Introducing RejuvTec's Asset Management Assistance Program (AMAP)

RejuvTec has teamed up with Ziptility to provide our customers with a state of the art data management and mapping system to help you and your team manage your entire road network.

Maintaining high road ratings is important, and RejuvTec understands that being good stewards of your road network takes time and attention. We also understand that a well-executed asset management plan is necessary to secure funding and appropriately plan road improvements. 

RejuvTec's Asset Management Assistance Program makes it easier than ever for folks with no GIS experience to maintain a complete road maintenance history and submit road ratings to the Community Crossings LTAP/ITap portal. RejuvTec’s AMAP is available anywhere, on any device and is an easy-to-use system of record that goes beyond typical GIS systems! 

Check it out below, or test it out using the credentials to the right.

Meme will help with setup and stay available for direct support so that your team can spend its time continuing to provide excellent service to your community.


If you’d like to test out AMAP, you can use the sample login information below:

username: demo@rejuvtec.com
password: Demo123!