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Reclamite® In-Depth Rejuvenating Seal goes down pink to keep your road budget in the black, with more than 50+ years of test proven results.  Reclamite is the benchmark of the rejuvenation industry known for its superioir quality and unmatched performance in both national and international markets as well as in local communities near you. 

At Rejuvtec, our goal is to provide the excellence in service you deserve from your initial inquiry to the completion  of our turnkey Reclamite® Rejuvenation  application process.  Let us help you keep your good roads good.



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In-Depth Rejuvinating Seal


Extends Your Pavement Life &  Keeps Good Roads Good!

With the passage of time, asphalt becomes dry, brittle, loses its sand matrix resulting in raveling, cracking and spalling, which leads to base failures and total pavement failure. Reclamite ® delays the aging process and reverses any premature aging that is caused by excessive heat during mix production as well as environmental damage from the suns UV rays and water intrusion. 

Reclamite ® In-Depth Rejuvenating Seal rejuvenates the asphalt binder, providing a one-step, in-place method for restoring plasticity and improving durability in asphalt. Reclamite ® seals and weatherproofs the asphalt adding from 5-7 years to its service life. Subsequent applications will preserve and protect the surface of a good pavement from cracking and raveling indefinitely.

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